Smoking Weed

People have been smoking weed probably since time began. In some cultures and religions it is part of the belief system and something that is to be embraced as a form of enlightenment.

However in today’s western world where te hustle and bustle of business and life in the fast lane has taken over, smoking weed has actually become a problem for a very large portion of the population. For some, smoking weed is nothing more than something done occasionally maybe at a party or festival. But for others it takes over their life, stealing from them their personality, money, friends and enthusiasm for the things they once loved.

For those people smoking weed is a problem and a burden they either make excuses to continue doing or there comes a time where they decide enough is enough, its time to quit smoking weed.

Reasons For Smoking Weed

Some of the reasons people start smoking weed in today’s society can include:

  • To escape the stress of everyday life
  • To block out bad memories or a traumatic exerience
  • Pier pressure from friends or groups
  • Curiosity – they just want to experience the high and try it out
  • To help with sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Lack of confidence and to take them out of themselves

Many more of reasons can be combined and included in to the above. Some people take to weed and indeed any other drug and alcohol as an escape. That escape may be from stress, abuse, worry, anxiety and any number of other things in their life.

Unfortunately while it seems to help in the short terms, over time it becomes less effective, more is required to get the same effect and then eventually it actually adds to the problem. For example people who started smoking weed to relieve anxiety have reported it to be a great help for several months but eventually found as they started smoking more it increased their anxiety.

The same goes for insomnia, what starts out as cure actually becomes the cause of the problem when it starts to make the symptoms worse, and the trouble is by this time the brain and body is already so used to having the drug that it doesn’t like it when you try to stop.

Another problem with this kind of self medication is that unlike if it were prescribed by a doctor where the dosage and strength would be controlled and measured, when you buy weed on the streets you have no control over how strong it is , or how it will effect you differently from the last batch you had and therefore you are unable to accurately dose the intake or know what to expect in the way of side effects.

Smoking weed puts a strain on your family life, friendships, health and motivation and self confidence. Quitting weed for good will enable you to take back control of your life and be more successful in everything you do.

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Three important tips – How To Quit Smoking Weed

Before we get into how to quit smoking weed without hassle, lets quickly take a brief look at why it may be necessary for you to quit. It’s important to note that I am not suggesting that cannabis does not have specific medical uses or tat it is some evil drug. The fact is  that our governments and society in the USA and UK and some other european countries need to wake up and legalize cannabis, make it more freely available for medical uses more importantly control the quality and strength and educate people…. but that’s another topic.

Why you may need advise on how to quit smoking weed

The number one reason people need to quit smoking the weed is because they have abused it and let it take over their life. As mentioned above we need to educate people, the problem is cannabis is beneficial when used with care and moderation but many of us have addictive personalities and what starts out as an occasional recreational use or even theraputical intake of marijuana often turns into an everyday use and then overuse.

As the body gets more used to it, you need more and more to get the same effect. Its the same with any drug or any chemical you put into your system, the more you take the more you need to get the same effect. When you are smoking weed everyday, then it becomes problem, and if you find yourself making excuses or reasons why you NEED to smoke weed constantly then you are addicted either psychologically or physically and you need to seek advice on how to quit smoking weed.

3 Tips To Help You Kick The Habit

  1. Make some changes in your routine. Try waking up earlier, or even later, but break your usual routine and do things you wouldn’t usually do that way your not going to feel so much stuck in the same rut and feeling the need to follow your usual behaviour such as waking up at 8a.m, having a cup of coffee and smoking a splif, instead wake up at a different time, confuse the body and also make an effort to NOT smoke after, this will soon become far easier.
  2. Find a new hobby or past-time that will keep your body and mind active and away fro weed. Going to the gym or doing some kind of sport would be perfect now because you will quickly see the health benefits of both quitting weed and also your new fitness or endurance level (this is all part of (1) changing your routine also, it really helps). It doesn’t have to be physical activity though, anything you enjoy that will occupy your mind and hands will do.
  3. Make sure you friends know you are trying to quit and make sure you don’t go to hang out with them if you know they are going to be smoking weed. You may need to avoid some old acquaintances who just only want to be your friend to smoke weed and if any of your friends don’t support you or make sarcastic negative comments about your resolution to quit smoking weed then they are not real friends at all and it may be time to find some better more positive people to be around. (Again this all comes back to changing your routine, which makes point huber (1) the most important tip of all I guess if you are serious abut quitting weed.)
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How To Stop Smoking Weed So Much

How To Stop Smoking Weed So Much – Understanding that anything in excess becomes an addiction.

how to stop smoking weed so muchYour opinion as to whether or not weed is  addictive most likely comes from a self preservation point of view a not a truly honest opinion, many of us will insist smoking marijuana is not addictive but the fact is that if you are smoking it too much much find find it hard or impossible to cut down or quit then you have an addiction, all be it psychological or physical. When you have been smoking large quantities of weed often or over long time, THC builds up inside you and does creates a physical addiction.  This is also compounded by nicotine addiction if you happen to mix your weed with tobacco, making it doubly addictive and twice as hard to quit. Plus you also have the psychological element to compound this. By understanding your addiction will help you to learn how to stop smoking weed so much in the future.

Addiction results from psychological needs, physical needs, or both. Mostly with weed is psychologically addictive so if you want to learn how to stop smoking weed so much, you must first understand where this psychological addiction comes from. Are you trying to escape from something you are not happy with in your life? Are you smoking because all your friends do it? Or maybe it started out of boredom and has since escalated out of control. We each of us may have our own reasons for smoking weed which turns into addiction. Therefore if we can understand the reason we started we can learn from that and make it easier to stop smoking weed so much.

Finding Something to Help Stop Smoking Weed So Much

Finding something else to do when you want to smoke will help you to stop smoking weed so much. Find something that you enjoy and can make you feel good without using weed or any other drugs. If there was a hobby or past-time you used to partake in before you got heavily into weed, go back to that. Many of the people who smoke too much weed tell me how they used to very fit and great at sports, or used to work out regularly. If this is you then get back into training! Greater health and vitality will be your reward. Also keeping fit also releases endorphins in the brain which give you pleasure. These are the same endorphins which make you feel good after you have smoked a joint.  Maybe you used to walk more, or spend more time with your family or other friends who do not smoke pot. Whatever it is you like to do.

Strong Will Power

You need to develop a strong will to stop smoking so much or if you want to quit smoking weed. If you have been smoking weed too much for a substantially long period of time, it is going to be hard. This is where you must try to develop a strong will. If you have a naturally addictive personality you may need the help of some herbal tablets to help hold off the strong urge and craving to smoke weed. Click Here to see SmokeRx details.They are a natural herbal remedy.

So you have here on this page the tools needed to help you learn how to stop smoking weed so much. Now put them into practice and develop a strong will to smoke less or quit altogether depending on what you goal is and you WILL achieve it. There are no excuses.


  • Understand why you smoke weed
  • Find something else to do instead
  • Develop the determination and will power to stop smoking so much
  • Stick at it !

You now know how to stop smoking weed so much, and have a plan of action to take. Follow those proven tips to help you stop smoking weed every time you get the craving.

Stick with your plan of action and soon you will see the positive difference it is making in your life. You probably won’t remember when you last had so much energy and vitality as you do after cutting down on smoking weed. This is especially true if you have been smoking cannabis almost every day for some years.




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How I quit smoking weed

Quit Smoking Weed – My No BS Account of how I quit smoking cannabis for good

quit smoking weedBefore you jump to the conclusion that this website is created by some anti drug marching do good kind of person, I want to tell you straight up that I smoked weed for almost 20 years, all day, everyday. I have nothing against those of you who choose to continue smoking. I only want to help those who like me came to a point in their lives where they just want to stop. For me it was the constant struggle for money and looking back and wondering where the years had gone, and the birth of my daughter which finally made me realise I need to quit smoking weed.

It’s time to give up the weed

I wanted to be in a position where I had more energy, more time in the day and more money to do what was important to me and spend more time with and take care of my family. The ambition and determination I had when I was younger had died somewhere along the way and when I look back now I realize that smoking weed was one of the reasons for this. Its been about six years now since I gave it up and I am so glad I did. I guess I have or had a kind of addictive personality because for me it wasn’t just the occasional spliff it was constantly smoking throughout the day every day, and that is just not good for your health, your social life or your family and financial situation.

It is not easy giving up something you have done every day for nearly 20 years no matter what it is, so whether you are of the opinion that weed is addictive mentally, physically, both or not at all if you are wanting to quit then I truly hope the information you find within this website will help you out big time and I really do think it will help you to quit smoking weed for good so that you can regain the health and vitality and enthusiasm for life you used to have.

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Weed addiction is like any other drug or alcohol addiction if taken in excess

weed addictionThere are those that will argue weed addiction does not happen, that pot is harmless and doesn’t cause problems in peoples lives. But the problem is many take it to excess and use it all day everyday. When you are smoking drugs of any kind regularly you lose interest in anything else, lose energy, and become addicted.

The argument over weed addiction is covered in more detail in another post here. But be under no illusion it does cause problems in your life…… Your lack of self esteem, loss of motivation, serious health issues if smoked in excess and lack of respect and communication with your family and others will tell you that!

It doesn’t really matter which side of the fence you sit on. Whether you want to admit some form of addiction to weed or not.  The very fact that you are reading this article proves three things…

  1. You want to know how to quit smoking weed more easily
  2. You need some help, advice or encouragement to help you quit
  3. You already realise weed is spoiling your quality of life and it has taken over too much

These are all positive things so don’t worry. You have already taken a major step towards stopping smoking weed for good by going to the lengths of researching and finding help.

Now that you realise you need to stop and are taking action you are already half way through the battle. Deciding to quit smoking weed is a good decision however you choose to look at it.

Weed Addiction is real

When you take large amounts of any substance whether it be weed, alcohol or even coffee or sugar. Your body becomes more tolerant to it and craves more of it FACT. So dismissing the argument that weed is addictive as a false statement is only enforcing the knowledge that you are addicted to weed and in denial.

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How To Quit Smoking Weed – The Guide

Guide to Quitting Weed

Congratulations on finding your way to HowToQuitSmokingWeedGuide.

I don’t know how you ended up on this page for sure but you obviously want some help and advice on how to quit smoking weed either for your self or a close family member. Maybe you want to stop long enough to pass a drug test or maybe you want to quit for good.

If you are like I was you have finally decided you are going to quit smoking cannabis and finding this page means you are serious and have taken a positive step in the right direction. I smoked weed for about 10 years, I never intended to smoke it everyday for that many years but it just kinda happened and the longer you have smoked it for the harder it is to quit I know. There is not much support out there for those who want to stop smoking pot and its hard to get the support you need from family and friends too… those who don’t smoke don’t understand the psychological addiction and how hard it is to quit and those that still smoke probably don’t want you to quit for their own selfish reasons ( they want someone to smoke with and also they don’t want to see you make something good of your life and leave them behind.)

I am glad to be able to tell you that I learned how to quit smoking weed a while back. This is something that helped me quit smoking weed for good and it is something that anyone can use to do the same and the best thing is ….. It works, and works well and once you stop smoking the stuff for good your life will be so much better… more than you realise right now. OK ‘ the secret key that helped me to stop smoking weed without going through all the ups and downs and negative things like every time before that I tried to stop and only lasted a day or two….. The How To Quit Smoking Weed Guide

Go ahead and click on that link above and checkout the guide that showed me the way to my canabis addiction dead in its tracks and restore the quality of life i used to have.

Here are the 2 simple but vitaly important reasons you must understand that makes quitting weed so hard for most people…..

  1. The THC content in weed today is morethan double the strength it was  5 years ago. Marijuana is getting stronger all the time with new hybrid cross strains being cultivated. High THC levels in canibis causes serious addiction both psychologically and physically ( despite what some people like to think, weed is physically addictive too nowagdays.)
  2. Most people try to just quit weed with no detox. I know it may sound strange but detox is more important gor quitting canabis that any other drug and the reason is quite simple… Marijuana stays in your system for much longer than other drugs. The correct detox method will flush out the THC and toxins in your blood and help stop the cravings and put you on the right path from the start.

How To Quit Smoking Weed Summary

So to sum up in order to quit smoking weed for good you need to address  the problem from two angles….both in body and in mind. By taking the correct approach you are 100% more likely to succeed.

For The Complete How to quit weed Guide and Natural Marijuana Detox


click the link above to learn how to quit smoking weed


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Reasons to Quit Smoking Weed

reasons to quit smoking weedMaking the decision to stop smoking weed for good is not so hard. Sticking to it and quitting weed altogether can be difficult. I know it was for me, I decided several times to quit. I lasted sometimes a few days and sometimes a few weeks. Eventually I finally quit weed for good.

Here are some of my own reasons to quit smoking weed

There are plenty of good reasons to quit smoking weed. For me it was a combination of several resons. I was fed up of having no money left at the end of the week because I spent every spare dollar on weed. I was fed up of waking up feeling like crap or not being able to wake up on time. Also in the last few years I found my self coughing my lungs up every morning. Plus I was fed up of the lifestyle of being part of a criminal world, in and out of trouble with the cops and having to hide stuff all the time from my friends and family. Eventually I realized it was just not worth the hassle. It was time to stop smoking weed and re-claim my life back.

When I finally quit smoking pot I found a new lease of life. It was like OMG. I thought getting stonned made me feel good. In fact after being stonned everyday for i dont know how many years, being clean of weed and waking up with a clear head and feeling full of energy was a totally new buzz only it didnt cost a dime! My friends and family started coming around more. I started to enjoy a much closer relationship with them. My health is good and I know now I am no longer killing myself and destroying my lungs with smoke. So now I no longer have the work and family problems I had due to smoking weed. I no longer worry about the damage I was doing to my health smoking the stuff, and I no longer worry if I am going to have enough money for food at the end of the month. Oh and another one of the reasons to quit smoking weed for me was not to be paranoid about the cops busting down my door any more.

Little Known but True Medical Fact about THC and your Sexual performance

Did You Know THC Reduces Sperm Decreases testosterone and Sperm Production? THC weakens sexual drive and interferes with natural testosterone production and also has a detrimental acton on the movement of sperm!

Wow there are so many good reasons to quit smoking weed, my only regret is that I wish I had given up sooner.

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Time To Quit Smoking Cannabis

The Decision To Quit Smoking Cannabis

quit smoking cannabisAfter smoking weed for many years, sooner or later at some point most of us decide its time to quit smoking cannabis for good. Not everyone comes to the point where they want to stop smoking cannabis but I think for most people that point does come.

For me it was a combination of things that made me decide to quit. I was fed up of not having any money at the end of the month because all my spare cash was going on weed, I was fed up of trying to wake up early for work but feeling like s**t every morning and also when I looked back over the last few months, years even, I could hardly remember any of it. I had no idea where all that time had gone, it was just a big blurr. Then there was also the fact that my family kept on to me to stop smoking drugs ( as they put it ) and the only circle of friends I had, real friends, were smokers too and the only thing we really had in common was that we wanted to get stoned everyday. I had lost all my true friends, the kind of friends you can rely on a long time ago because i lost all interest in just about anything else except smoking weed. The few hobbies and interests i used to have were gone, the few things I used to be good at were gone. And one more thing when you are a regular smoker of weed the kind of people you have to mix with, I mean especially to buy the stuff, well they are criminals and usually deal in harder drugs not just cannabis, so I was fed up of being stuck in that circle.

Anyway those are some of the reasons I decided to quit smoking cannabis, maybe some of those reasons are why you want to quit too and no doubt you have your own reasons but one thing is for sure, quitting weed for good was one of the best deccissions I ever made and I am starting to put my lif back together now. I have new friends, a better job, more money, more energy, better health and I am actually enjoying living life for the first time in a long time. Its been less that one year since I quit and already my life has turned around. Deciding to learn how to quit smoking cannabis is an excellent deccission and will a little help and support you can do it quit easily.

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Is Marijuana addictive? – The addiction to weed

Is Marijuana Addictive

Simply put marijuanna IS addictive. Users will argue that marijuana is not addictive. Or that is only psychologically addictive not physically.

The truth is (and I know having smoked weed for some 15 years before deciding to quit), weed is addictive. Its addictive both psychologically and mentally.

Firstly the active ingredient in marijuana is THC. The strains of weed you smoke today are up to 200% stronger and have more THC than they did say 10 years ago. It used to be that you would normally get cannabis resin. In cannabis resin the THC was very much lower. Nowadays it is pure bud that is widely available. This bud has been cross bred and developed to be be extremely strong and high in THC. When you feed your body a large amount of anything on a regular basis you can become physically and mentally dependant on it. This is especially true for the cannabis users who smoke every day. The fact that THC is a actually a toxin and releases endorphins in your brain make it highly addictive. So truthfully, there is no question is marijuana addictive – it is!

Whether or not you want to agree the marijuana is addictive physically is up to you, but the truth of the matter is it is highly mentally addictive.  long term use or especially abuse causes serious health problems. There are ways you can take less of a health risk with it. For example smoking of any sort is not good for your heart, lungs or respiratory system. Those that argue if you smoke only pure bud that is not cut with anything you are safe are fooling only themselves. Inhaling smoke of any kind into your lungs is carcinogenic  and causes the problems mentioned above. The best thing for your body and mind and complete well being is to quit smoking weed. Completely quit using cannabis in any form. There is plenty of options available for those who want to know how to quit smoking weed. As well as support groups there are quitting weed guides available.

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Tips for Quitting Weed

Tips For Quitting Weed – The Help You Need

tips for quitting weedWhen it comes to being able to quit weed there are a few things you can and should do to make it easier on yourself and there are a few things you should avoid too. Here are some tips for quitting weed.

How to quit smoking weed – Tips

Try to find something else productive to occupy your body and mind. If you can stay active you will find it much easier to quit weed. lazing around the house or hanging out doing nothing will have you constantly thinking about smoking a spliff or a pipe like you used to.

As you have made the conscious decision to quit smoking weed and you need something to occupy yourself. Now is the perfect time to get into some kind of sport or fitness to get healthy again and regain some of the vigour and energy you probably had lots of before you started smoking weed. Maybe there was some sport or even any other activity which you were especially good at before you started smoking too much weed and you lost interest or found it hard to find the time and energy due to your smoking marijuana. For me before I got into smoking a lot of weed every day I used to be real good at surfing and even entered competitions and came runner up in a few. But I quickly got into smoking so much weed that all I wanted to do was get stoned and I began spending less and less time on the surf are more and more time zoned out until eventually I had no real time, energy or zest to surf and looking back now I see that I in the last two years I have only been out on the surf board a couple of times and I certainly had not entered into any competitions and I lost probably more than half of the skills I used to have…bummer!… ( excuse my rambling… I digress…) so… when I decided to quit smoking weed for good I got got back into my surfing and spent a lot of time doing what I used to love so much, it kept me busy and it was fun too and now less than 12 months after I quit the pot I find myself back on top of my game competing with the top local surfers and I’m loving it! So that I why i say to you now is the perfect time to get good at what you love to do and you will feel a great sense of accomplishment that you were able to quit smoking weed and do something productive that increases the quality of your life.

Don’t substitute your weed smoking for some other addiction, its best to quit smoking cigarettes all together at the same time. ( I know it sounds hard, but its actually easier to quit smoking altogether than it is to just quit weed ). Also be careful not to start drinking to much..getting drunk might seem like a good idea to help with the withdrawal from weed but that is another slippery slope that will not help your lifestyle or health and anyway you can’t get drunk every time you think about smoking weed so keep that in mind.

Hopefully these tips for quitting weed will help you. What ever your personal circumstances are, everyone has their own reasons for quitting. Just try to remeber why you want to quit weed, stay mentally strong and motivated and concentrate on the good things in life, YOU CAN DO IT!


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