3 Tips to help you quit weed

The number one reason people need to quit smoking the weed is because they have abused it and let it take over their life. As mentioned above we need to educate people, the problem is cannabis is beneficial when used with care and moderation but many of us have addictive personalities and what starts out as an occasional recreational use or even theraputical intake of marijuana often turns into an everyday use and then overuse.

As the body gets more used to it, you need more and more to get the same effect. Its the same with any drug or any chemical you put into your system, the more you take the more you need to get the same effect. When you are smoking weed everyday, then it becomes problem, and if you find yourself making excuses or reasons why you NEED to smoke weed constantly then you are addicted either psychologically or physically and you need to seek advice on how to quit smoking weed.

3 Tips To Help You Kick The Habit

  1. Make some changes in your routine. Try waking up earlier, or even later, but break your usual routine and do things you wouldn’t usually do that way your not going to feel so much stuck in the same rut and feeling the need to follow your usual behaviour such as waking up at 8a.m, having a cup of coffee and smoking a splif, instead wake up at a different time, confuse the body and also make an effort to NOT smoke after, this will soon become far easier.
  2. Find a new hobby or past-time that will keep your body and mind active and away fro weed. Going to the gym or doing some kind of sport would be perfect now because you will quickly see the health benefits of both quitting weed and also your new fitness or endurance level (this is all part of (1) changing your routine also, it really helps). It doesn’t have to be physical activity though, anything you enjoy that will occupy your mind and hands will do.
  3. Make sure you friends know you are trying to quit and make sure you don’t go to hang out with them if you know they are going to be smoking weed. You may need to avoid some old acquaintances who just only want to be your friend to smoke weed and if any of your friends don’t support you or make sarcastic negative comments about your resolution to quit smoking weed then they are not real friends at all and it may be time to find some better more positive people to be around. (Again this all comes back to changing your routine, which makes point huber (1) the most important tip of all I guess if you are serious abut quitting weed.)

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