How to quit smoking weed

If you have read the other posts and content on this site you will realize I am not against anyone smoking weed and also believe weed does have some medical uses and benefits. Unfortunately for a minority group of people, their smoking habit becomes a serious problem and they NEED to know how to quit smoking weed in order to gain back control of the life, health, and sanity! This can happen for several reasons, the most common is the user starts smoking cannabis at a young age and graduates to smoking very large amounts of highly potent home grown weed with extremely high levels of THC which is proven to cause numerous psychological problems including paranoia, depression and serious health issues. Ironic really that in smaller amounts this natural plant can actually cure those same ailments, but for those who take the use to addiction level the only way to gain back the normality of a healthy, happy life is to understand how to quit smoking weed. Today with the 2018 farm bill being passed making industrial hemp legal across the US, there are other options such as CBD oil which can have all of the benifits of medical marijuana and none of the side effects or psycho active elements of THC.