How To Stop Smoking Weed So Much

Understanding that anything in excess becomes an addiction.

Your opinion as to whether or not weed is  addictive most likely comes from a self preservation point of view a not a truly honest opinion, many of us will insist smoking marijuana is not addictive but the fact is that if you are smoking it too much much find it hard or impossible to cut down or quit then you have an addiction, all be it psychological or physical. When you have been smoking large quantities of weed often or over a long time, THC builds up inside you and does create a physical addiction.  This is also compounded by nicotine addiction if you happen to mix your weed with tobacco, making it doubly addictive and twice as hard to quit. Plus you also have the psychological element to compound this. By understanding your addiction will help you to learn how to stop smoking weed so much in the future.

Addiction results from psychological needs, physical needs, or both. Mostly with weed is psychologically addictive so if you want to learn how to stop smoking weed so much, you must first understand where this psychological addiction comes from. Are you trying to escape from something you are not happy with in your life? Are you smoking because all your friends do it? Or maybe it started out of boredom and has since escalated out of control. We each of us may have our own reasons for smoking weed which turns into addiction. Therefore if we can understand the reason we started we can learn from that and make it easier to stop smoking weed so much.

Finding Something to Help Stop Smoking Weed So Much

Finding something else to do when you want to smoke will help you to stop smoking weed so much. Find something that you enjoy and can make you feel good without using weed or any other drugs. If there was a hobby or past-time you used to partake in before you got heavily into weed, go back to that. Many of the people who smoke too much weed tell me how they used to very fit and great at sports, or used to work out regularly. If this is you then get back into training! Greater health and vitality will be your reward. Also keeping fit also releases endorphins in the brain which give you pleasure. These are the same endorphins which make you feel good after you have smoked a joint.  Maybe you used to walk more, or spend more time with your family or other friends who do not smoke pot. Whatever it is you like to do.

Strong Will Power

You need to develop a strong will to stop smoking so much or if you want to quit smoking weed. If you have been smoking weed too much for a substantially long period of time, it is going to be hard. This is where you must try to develop a strong will. If you have a naturally addictive personality you may need the help of some herbal tablets to help hold off the strong urge and craving to smoke weed.

So you have here on this page the tools needed to help you learn how to stop smoking weed so much. Now put them into practice and develop a strong will to smoke less or quit altogether depending on what you goal is and you WILL achieve it. There are no excuses.


  • Understand why you smoke weed
  • Find something else to do instead
  • Develop the determination and will power to stop smoking so much
  • Stick at it !

You now know how to stop smoking weed so much, and have a plan of action to take.

Stick with your plan of action and soon you will see the positive difference it is making in your life. You probably won’t remember when you last had so much energy and vitality as you do after cutting down on smoking weed. This is especially true if you have been smoking cannabis almost every day for some years.