Is Marijuana addictive? – The addiction to weed

Is Marijuana Addictive

Simply put marijuanna IS addictive. Users will argue that marijuana is not addictive. Or that is only psychologically addictive not physically.

The truth is (and I know having smoked weed for some 15 years before deciding to quit), weed is addictive. Its addictive both psychologically and mentally.

Firstly the active ingredient in marijuana is THC. The strains of weed you smoke today are up to 200% stronger and have more THC than they did say 10 years ago. It used to be that you would normally get cannabis resin. In cannabis resin the THC was very much lower. Nowadays it is pure bud that is widely available. This bud has been cross bred and developed to be be extremely strong and high in THC. When you feed your body a large amount of anything on a regular basis you can become physically and mentally dependant on it. This is especially true for the cannabis users who smoke every day. The fact that THC is a actually a toxin and releases endorphins in your brain make it highly addictive. So truthfully, there is no question is marijuana addictive – it is!

Whether or not you want to agree the marijuana is addictive physically is up to you, but the truth of the matter is it is highly mentally addictive.  long term use or especially abuse causes serious health problems. There are ways you can take less of a health risk with it. For example smoking of any sort is not good for your heart, lungs or respiratory system. Those that argue if you smoke only pure bud that is not cut with anything you are safe are fooling only themselves. Inhaling smoke of any kind into your lungs is carcinogenic  and causes the problems mentioned above. The best thing for your body and mind and complete well being is to quit smoking weed. Completely quit using cannabis in any form. There is plenty of options available for those who want to know how to quit smoking weed. As well as support groups there are quitting weed guides available.

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