Reasons to Quit Smoking Weed

reasons to quit smoking weedMaking the decision to stop smoking weed for good is not so hard. Sticking to it and quitting weed altogether can be difficult. I know it was for me, I decided several times to quit. I lasted sometimes a few days and sometimes a few weeks. Eventually I finally quit weed for good.

Here are some of my own reasons to quit smoking weed

There are plenty of good reasons to quit smoking weed. For me it was a combination of several resons. I was fed up of having no money left at the end of the week because I spent every spare dollar on weed. I was fed up of waking up feeling like crap or not being able to wake up on time. Also in the last few years I found my self coughing my lungs up every morning. Plus I was fed up of the lifestyle of being part of a criminal world, in and out of trouble with the cops and having to hide stuff all the time from my friends and family. Eventually I realized it was just not worth the hassle. It was time to stop smoking weed and re-claim my life back.

When I finally quit smoking pot I found a new lease of life. It was like OMG. I thought getting stonned made me feel good. In fact after being stonned everyday for i dont know how many years, being clean of weed and waking up with a clear head and feeling full of energy was a totally new buzz only it didnt cost a dime! My friends and family started coming around more. I started to enjoy a much closer relationship with them. My health is good and I know now I am no longer killing myself and destroying my lungs with smoke. So now I no longer have the work and family problems I had due to smoking weed. I no longer worry about the damage I was doing to my health smoking the stuff, and I no longer worry if I am going to have enough money for food at the end of the month. Oh and another one of the reasons to quit smoking weed for me was not to be paranoid about the cops busting down my door any more.

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Wow there are so many good reasons to quit smoking weed, my only regret is that I wish I had given up sooner.

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