Smoking Weed

People have been smoking weed probably since time began. In some cultures and religions it is part of the belief system and something that is to be embraced as a form of enlightenment.

However in today’s western world where te hustle and bustle of business and life in the fast lane has taken over, smoking weed has actually become a problem for a very large portion of the population. For some, smoking weed is nothing more than something done occasionally maybe at a party or festival. But for others it takes over their life, stealing from them their personality, money, friends and enthusiasm for the things they once loved.

For those people smoking weed is a problem and a burden they either make excuses to continue doing or there comes a time where they decide enough is enough, its time to quit smoking weed.

Reasons For Smoking Weed

Some of the reasons people start smoking weed in today’s society can include:

  • To escape the stress of everyday life
  • To block out bad memories or a traumatic exerience
  • Pier pressure from friends or groups
  • Curiosity – they just want to experience the high and try it out
  • To help with sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Lack of confidence and to take them out of themselves

Many more of reasons can be combined and included in to the above. Some people take to weed and indeed any other drug and alcohol as an escape. That escape may be from stress, abuse, worry, anxiety and any number of other things in their life.

Unfortunately while it seems to help in the short terms, over time it becomes less effective, more is required to get the same effect and then eventually it actually adds to the problem. For example people who started smoking weed to relieve anxiety have reported it to be a great help for several months but eventually found as they started smoking more it increased their anxiety.

The same goes for insomnia, what starts out as cure actually becomes the cause of the problem when it starts to make the symptoms worse, and the trouble is by this time the brain and body is already so used to having the drug that it doesn’t like it when you try to stop.

Another problem with this kind of self medication is that unlike if it were prescribed by a doctor where the dosage and strength would be controlled and measured, when you buy weed on the streets you have no control over how strong it is , or how it will effect you differently from the last batch you had and therefore you are unable to accurately dose the intake or know what to expect in the way of side effects.

Smoking weed puts a strain on your family life, friendships, health and motivation and self confidence. Quitting weed for good will enable you to take back control of your life and be more successful in everything you do.

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