Time To Quit Smoking Cannabis

The Decision To Quit Smoking Cannabis

quit smoking cannabisAfter smoking weed for many years, sooner or later at some point most of us decide its time to quit smoking cannabis for good. Not everyone comes to the point where they want to stop smoking cannabis but I think for most people that point does come.

For me it was a combination of things that made me decide to quit. I was fed up of not having any money at the end of the month because all my spare cash was going on weed, I was fed up of trying to wake up early for work but feeling like s**t every morning and also when I looked back over the last few months, years even, I could hardly remember any of it. I had no idea where all that time had gone, it was just a big blurr. Then there was also the fact that my family kept on to me to stop smoking drugs ( as they put it ) and the only circle of friends I had, real friends, were smokers too and the only thing we really had in common was that we wanted to get stoned everyday. I had lost all my true friends, the kind of friends you can rely on a long time ago because i lost all interest in just about anything else except smoking weed. The few hobbies and interests i used to have were gone, the few things I used to be good at were gone. And one more thing when you are a regular smoker of weed the kind of people you have to mix with, I mean especially to buy the stuff, well they are criminals and usually deal in harder drugs not just cannabis, so I was fed up of being stuck in that circle.

Anyway those are some of the reasons I decided to quit smoking cannabis, maybe some of those reasons are why you want to quit too and no doubt you have your own reasons but one thing is for sure, quitting weed for good was one of the best deccissions I ever made and I am starting to put my lif back together now. I have new friends, a better job, more money, more energy, better health and I am actually enjoying living life for the first time in a long time. Its been less that one year since I quit and already my life has turned around. Deciding to learn how to quit smoking cannabis is an excellent deccission and will a little help and support you can do it quit easily.

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