Tips for Quitting Weed

Tips For Quitting Weed – The Help You Need

tips for quitting weedWhen it comes to being able to quit weed there are a few things you can and should do to make it easier on yourself and there are a few things you should avoid too. Here are some tips for quitting weed.

How to quit smoking weed – Tips

Try to find something else productive to occupy your body and mind. If you can stay active you will find it much easier to quit weed. lazing around the house or hanging out doing nothing will have you constantly thinking about smoking a spliff or a pipe like you used to.

As you have made the conscious decision to quit smoking weed and you need something to occupy yourself. Now is the perfect time to get into some kind of sport or fitness to get healthy again and regain some of the vigour and energy you probably had lots of before you started smoking weed. Maybe there was some sport or even any other activity which you were especially good at before you started smoking too much weed and you lost interest or found it hard to find the time and energy due to your smoking marijuana. For me before I got into smoking a lot of weed every day I used to be real good at surfing and even entered competitions and came runner up in a few. But I quickly got into smoking so much weed that all I wanted to do was get stoned and I began spending less and less time on the surf are more and more time zoned out until eventually I had no real time, energy or zest to surf and looking back now I see that I in the last two years I have only been out on the surf board a couple of times and I certainly had not entered into any competitions and I lost probably more than half of the skills I used to have…bummer!… ( excuse my rambling… I digress…) so… when I decided to quit smoking weed for good I got got back into my surfing and spent a lot of time doing what I used to love so much, it kept me busy and it was fun too and now less than 12 months after I quit the pot I find myself back on top of my game competing with the top local surfers and I’m loving it! So that I why i say to you now is the perfect time to get good at what you love to do and you will feel a great sense of accomplishment that you were able to quit smoking weed and do something productive that increases the quality of your life.

Don’t substitute your weed smoking for some other addiction, its best to quit smoking cigarettes all together at the same time. ( I know it sounds hard, but its actually easier to quit smoking altogether than it is to just quit weed ). Also be careful not to start drinking to much..getting drunk might seem like a good idea to help with the withdrawal from weed but that is another slippery slope that will not help your lifestyle or health and anyway you can’t get drunk every time you think about smoking weed so keep that in mind.

Hopefully these tips for quitting weed will help you. What ever your personal circumstances are, everyone has their own reasons for quitting. Just try to remeber why you want to quit weed, stay mentally strong and motivated and concentrate on the good things in life, YOU CAN DO IT!


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